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Kurkum (Turmeric Powder) হলুদ গুঁড়া

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Kurkum (Turmeric Powder) হলুদ গুঁড়া

BDT 60.00BDT 170.00

Kurkum, is dried Turmeric  Powder (হলুদ গুঁড়া). It added great  yellow-orange color, slight fragrant aroma and slightly bitter taste in the dishes.

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Kurkum aids in digestion, supports liver function, relieves inflammation from arthritis and suppress pain. It is also applied topically to treat eczema, wounds and other skin problems.

Studies show health benefits of curcumin, an active ingredient of Kurkum and it’s been shown to protect against liver damage, cancer, cerebrovascular dysfunction, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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